tarotscopes for the full moon in pisces

It’s the Full Moon in Pisces, lovers. The magic that came through this reading was incredibly deep and powerful. Big themes of transformation and healing. Embracing our shadow and shedding what is holding you back.

These tarotscopes are meant to be read as inspiration. Read for your sun, moon, rising… whatever feels right! While they contain suggestions for rituals, these are no prescriptive. You are the best judge of how to celebrate the full moon. Take what works, and leave the rest.

Featured decks: Pagan Otherworlds, the Hollow Valley Deck of Symbols


aries & aries rising - poison // 8 of wands 

You are in the midst of a powerful transformation, Aries. It’s happening all around you - as within, so without. Allow this full moon to work its magic - luxuriate in it, let it wash over you and wash away all of the things that are no longer serving you.  Do rituals for shedding, for release, for banishing, for asking “does this spark joy?” to your thoughts, habits, relationships, the way you speak to yourself.  What have you outgrown? The 8s in the tarot represent transformation, growth, evolution and change. Burn it all down and give yourself the gift of growing towards what is good and healthy for you. 

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2. taurus.jpg

taurus & taurus rising  - air // 9 of pentacles 

This full moon is awash in creativity and dreams for you, sweet Taurus. Let your imagination lead you toward whatever feels creatively nourishing: write poetry, masturbate, drink tea, get weird, dance in your kitchen, eat whatever you god damn please. Let your heart and body lead the way. Whatever you do, let the ideas flow freely. You don’t need to attach to them — they don’t need be perfect or forever. Let them just be for right now. 

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3. gemini.jpg

gemini & gemini rising - river // 3 of cups 

This is a time of change, of flux, of fluidity. Your mutable cousin Pisces dissolves the boundaries and binaries that are so infamous for your sign, Twin Star. If this feels overwhelming, take some time to yourself. Allow your nervous system to rest and relax, away from stimulation and having to be all things to all people. Let yourself be alone so you can honestly reflect on the present moment: Are you happy? Are your relationships nourishing and supportive? Does something need to change? Do you know what that is? Tonight is a perfect night to support yourself in shifting patterns and behaviours. 

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4. cancer.jpg

cancer & cancer rising - lantern // 6 of cups 

Pisces the mystic, Cancer the hearth. Bringing these energies together is a potent recipe for doing some deep, nourishing, restorative work. This full moon offers some potent opportunities for healing — your heart, your soul, your ancestors, and the hearts and souls of those around you. If you choose to, if it feels safe, tonight, I invite you to dedicate time and space to your healing work—whatever the modality (breathwork, ancestral healing, reiki, tarot, etc). It doesn’t have to be monumental or long or Instagramable in order to count. Whatever you do tonight to care for yourself is enough.  Whatever you do to get through the day, it’s enough. What matters is that you took the time to give yourself the same You’re doing great, sweetie. You’ve got this. 

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5. leo.jpg

leo & leo rising - pearl // knight of swords 

Sometimes we gotta hustle. We have to move fast, make it happen, go go go. We can do incredible things with Knight of Swords energy. They are here to help us cross the finish line, do the final push, reach our goals. But if we’re not careful, we can also burn out. Let the Knight of Swords take you home, but don’t forget to book some time off to recover. You are ready to shine, dear Leo. You got this.

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6. virgo.jpg

virgo & virgo rising  - tide // 8 of swords, rx

All things come and go, ebb and flow. Tonight, I invite you to let go of something you’ve been beating yourself up about. Put down your fears, lay your anxieties down to rest. Whatever it is that has been gnawing away at you, for tonight - one night only! - I invite you to let that thing go. Think about compost: dead vegetation becomes nutrients and brings life into the soil. Use that imagery as you bask under the full moon tonight. Allow your fears and worries to melt into the ground and be transformed into something nourishing. It’s not yours to carry anymore. Let the tide take it away. 

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7. libra.jpg

libra & libra rising - lotus // the hanged one, rx 

To borrow from Thich Nhat Hanh: no mud, no lotus. We evolve through discomfort. In the words of Lindsay Mack, we contract before we expand - with every contraction, inevitably comes expansion. If you feel like you’ve been retreating or withdrawing in order to grow and heal, now is a beautiful time to share what you have been working on with the world. Letting go will set you free. 

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8. scorpio.jpg

scorpio & scorpio rising - garden // 5 of cups 

You are surrounded by love and abundance and magic and people who love you, Scorpio, so why aren’t you rejoicing? Sometimes we can get caught up on all the things we don’t have, the things we haven’t done. Tonight, I invite you to think about all of your accomplishments. List everything you have achieved this year. Celebrate yourself. Gloat. Look in the mirror and say something nice about yourself. Say 5 nice things. Whatever it takes. Your garden is full and blooming, Scorpio. I invite you to enjoy it. 

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9. sagittarius.jpg

sagittarius & sagittarius rising - hand // 7 of Cups, RX

Your hands are itching to make something tonight. Let it flow. Pisces is a mutable water sign that dissolves boundaries and invites us into the collective unconscious. Let your imagination take the lead tonight, dear Sag. Whatever creative soup you’ve been swimming in, you have the opportunity to turn it into something concrete and tangible. If you’ve been waiting for permission to write the thing, make the thing, sing the thing, whatever: here it is. Go for it. Make it real. 

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10. capricorn.jpg

capricorn & capricorn rising - reflection // 9 of Swords, RX 

Your fears are not facts. Tonight, I think you to create the space of honestly examine your beliefs, your fears, your negative self-talk… all of the ways you keep yourself small and set yourself up for failure. Send love to these parts of you. Give yourself the gift of speaking to yourself as if you were a friend or loved one: with love and care, sympathy. 

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11. aquarius.jpg

aquarius & aquarius rising - knot // 4 of wands 

Hold the things you love close. Whatever relationships are nourishing, whatever work is fulfilling, whatever habits make you light up… keep them coming. Tonight is a beautiful night to make a list of everything that is currently supporting and nourishing you. Reflect on how each of those pieces comes together in a network of support. Think about all of the ways in your life in which you are held fiercely with love. Call that energy into your rituals tonight and let it nourish you. 

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12. pisces.jpg

pisces & pisces rising - owl // 10 of wands rx 

Even after you’ve put down your burden, the ache of the weight remains. It can take a long time to recover from burn out, to get ourselves back up to speed. It takes even longer if we’re unwilling to truly separate for the things that are slowing us down. Take care of yourself during these moments. These are the moments where we learn exactly how strong we are. 

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