Oh hai! I’m Davis.


Davis Carr is a digital communications professional by day and intuitive soul tarot reader by night. Davis’ approach to tarot is deeply routed in themes of social justice and intersectional feminism. She strives to create a safe(r) space and a supportive, non-judgemental container to do healing work. She is a student of Lindsay Mack’s Soul Tarot, which views tarot as, above all, medicine for the present moment, a tool that can support and guide you through experiences of contraction. 

As a digital media strategist and social media coach, Davis works with non-profits and small businesses to create end-to-end campaigns, using a blend of graphic design, promotional writing and social media strategy to help her clients reach their goals. If you are a tarot reader or spiritual practitioner who needs some support with your marketing, don’t hesitate to reach out! 

Davis is based in Ottawa, Ontario, where she lives with her double-Taurus partner, and an Aries-Sun-Scorpio-Moon cat named Luna.