Terms & Conditions


By booking the services of Meridian Tarot you are agreeing to be bound by the following Terms and Conditions of Use. 

Cancellation Policy 

Event and Party Bookings:

  1. A deposit of 50% is required on confirmation of event booking, and full payment is due on or immediately after the event, by e-transfer or PayPal.

  2. Seven day advance cancellation notice is required for event bookings otherwise the 50% deposit will be forfeit.

  3. Discuss and clarify all aspects of the event prior to the event so that expectations are clear and confirmed.

Tarot Consultations (In Person, Zoom/Online and Email Readings) :

  1. All in-person, Zoom and email Tarot readings are to be paid for beforehand via PayPal or e-transfer.

  2. Policy on lateness, cancellation and no-shows: 48-hour advance notice is required to reschedule In Person readings, and 24 hours notice for Zoom/online readings. If you do not give me this advance notice, your fee for the appointment will be forfeited. If you are late, you will forfeit that time, your reading will finish at the originally scheduled time.

  3. Services Agreement: Tarot readings are a service, not a good. Please shop mindfully before ordering a reading. Feel free to read my blog, check out my Instagram or send me an email to get a better understanding of my style and approach to tarot. You can also see testimonials from my clients on my site for further information.

  4. My intention is to offer a trauma-friendly, secure container for your highest and best. As a reader, I am always in the process of growing my practice and my expertise. If you are unsatisfied with your reading, please contact me to discuss your experience.

Code of Ethics:

  1. I do not practice predictive tarot. Tarot can only serve as a mirror for the present moment. As a tarot reader, my goal is to act as translator between the client and their guides/higher self. My intention is always to offer words that have client’s highest and best interest at heart.

  2. I do not read tarot for anybody who is not present or able to consent to the reading (i.e. a family member, a partner, a friend, etc). If you want a reading about a relationship, we will focus on your needs, experiences, etc.

  3. I will interpret the cards to the best of my ability, will conduct the reading with honesty and openness. If, for whatever reason, I cannot serve you, I will offer a full refund and refer you to another practitioner.

  4. I am not a licensed mental health professional. Tarot is not a substitution for counselling, mental health services, or psychotherapy. Neither am I qualified to give financial, medical or legal advice.

  5. All client sessions are completely confidential and will never be revealed to a third-party.

  6. All clients must be at least 18 years old.

  7. I reserve the right to refuse to do a reading for a question that I cannot answer, goes against this code of ethics, or my own personal boundaries and ethics.