Soul Check In - $75 CAD

If you’re looking for human connection as you navigate big changes in your life or try to get your feet under you, energetically-speaking, this offering is perfect for you. We’ll start with a general overview of what’s going on for you, and pull more cards from there. We can also include other divination tools such as oracle cards and my knowledge knowledge of astrological transits. Together, we’ll create a safe container where we can go deep and look at what you are moving through at this time.

Meridian Tarot completely exceeded my expectations. I was so impressed by the beautiful presentation, depth of analysis and her ability to access parts of me that were below the surface needing to be heard.
— Sarah

Email reading  - $125 CAD

Receiving a written reading is its own type of magic — you get to connect to this spell, to this magic, in whatever way is best for you. I suggest receiving your reading in a comfortable, cozy spot — whatever makes you feel safe and held, whether it’s curled up on the couch, sitting in a park, or under the covers. Ultimately, you are responsible for your own healing and your own magic. The reading is only here to help empower you on your journey. 

The reading includes suggested rituals, spells, herbs and crystals. These are all channeled intuitively from my working knowledge of astrology, magic and the occult. I am constantly learning more about these modalities, and they infuse into my readings. So not only will you receive an in-depth tarot reading, you will also receive actionable medicine and wisdom that support your healing. Journaling and reflection questions are included to help you move forward on your healing journey.

Because they are so intimate, email readings have a tendency to reveal the subconscious or hidden facets of our minds or lives. They gently invite clients into recognizing the things they have been ignoring or have trouble understanding. My readings are always centred from a place of love and support — they are never fear-based, they are never predictive. Instead, they focus on creating a safe container where you can confront the things about yourself that you fear or have deep shame around.

Events and parties

Tarot can be a fun addition to any birthday, bachelorette, wedding party, friend weekend, or corporate events. Starting rate is $150/hour. Available in the Ottawa and the National Capital region.

I had my first professional tarot reading done with Davis of Meridian Tarot and it was such a wonderful, soulful experience. Davis is so knowledgeable, warm, and intuitive.
— Amelia