Tarotscope | Full Moon in Sagittarius

How to read tarotscopes:
Read for your Rising sign first, then your Sun and Moon sign. Trust that you will find whatever medicine you need. Take what works, and leave the rest.

Decks featured: Inquire Within Deck, Thea’s Tarot, Hollow Valley Deck of Symbols, Fuzzy Prism Oracle


Aries Rising

This full moon is inviting you to let go of your attachments to how things “should” be. Let yourself see things from new perspectives. Believe the unbelievable, if only as a challenge to see if you can. This mutable fire energy is lighting up the part of yourself that has big ideas, explores belief systems, and learns new things. It might feel tough to feel like you have your feet on the ground with this energy. Don’t let the excitement push you around - you must protect yourself and your energy first. There are so many possibilities before you. You can either fight the current or see where it takes you. You be surprised with what you find. 

2. taurus.jpg

Taurus Rising

Where are you grasping to make it fit, sweet Taurus? Where are you being pulled out of presence and into want? It’s ok to want things to be different than what they are, and it’s ok to mourn when we don’t get what we think we want. The full moon in Sagittarius is shining a light on what you are processing, releasing, learning from and integrating. Remember that there is so much bounty around you. Open yourself up to what wants to work with you. Look for the gifts right before your eyes. What gifts have you been ignoring? 


Gemini Rising

Where are you holding your breath, dear Gemini? Where are you clenching your jaw? Where is the tension living in your body? This full moon might feel confronting, as you navigate between your sense of self and those around you - your relationships, your friendships, your work life and colleagues. Within those relationships, where might you seek comfort? Let open to what feels safe. Where can you lower your defence and soak up the love of your chosen family? 


Cancer Rising

There are lessons to be learned from everything, Cancer. Even the stuff that feels really hard right now. When you’re feeling under-resourced, fed up, exhausted, running on empty, I invite you to look to nature for healing. A little gratitude, a little presence, a little self-care to love yourself through whatever contraction you’re experiencing. Crow reminds you that are resourceful and clever as you navigate your day-to-day life, work, health and habits. 


Leo Rising

This is a season of growth for you, Leo. You are shifting and changing as this full moon lights up your creativity, pleasure, romance and the arts. Maybe it feels like you’re out of control, on a wild ride, or maybe it feels like you’re in perfect balance. Whatever is happening to you, it’s huge and it has a fated quality to it, like something has fallen from the sky and landed in your lap. Let this full moon light up your joy — embrace the change, set things in motion, put yourself into the world. 


Virgo Rising

This full moon is lighting up your connection to ancestry, your past lives, and your karmic connection to the universe. This full moon, you’re being invited to take a leap and dive into connecting to those who have come before you. Whether it is your blood family, cultural connection, an artistic or educational legacy, or to the queer folks that have before you, everyone has some connection to a bigger lineage. Listen quietly, take a pause, get quiet. Your ancestors are speaking. Are you listening? 


Libra Rising

This full moon invites you to make space for healing, to apologize, to forgive, to let yourself off the hook for whatever has happened. This is a luscious full moon for you, Libra, and you can use this powerful energy to embrace your psyche, power, sexuality and magic. Don’t be afraid to share this with others, invite them into your world. Your gift is one of balancing and blending, and you have the ability to teach and bring others along for the ride. Let yourself lead by example, dearest Libra. Let yourself be a light. 


Scorpio Rising

Where is fear holding you back from truly dividing into your subconscious? This full moon shines a light on your ability to go deep and down. There is huge potential for deep psychological investigation, as your fixed water nature is inspired by the mutable, excitable, questing quality of Sagittarius. The Moon invites you to jump into the waves of your subconscious and go mucking about, see what you discover. But the fact is, growth is a s l o w process, and you’re not going to become a new person overnight. Take stock of where you are and whether it’s where you want to be. 


Sagittarius Rising

Happy full moon, Sag!!! Allow the brightness of the full moon to wash over you. Let it be a healing light as you think back to the New Moon in Sagittarius last December. What were you working through back then that has culminated in the months sense? How has your community and relationships changed? This moon is a beautiful chance to dream and journal — what nourishes you? What do you want more of in your life? What do you want to call in? Whether you cast spells or perform rituals, this is a beautiful day to connect with the moon and your lunar practice in a way that feels extra nourishing. 


Capricorn Rising

This is a lovely, supportive and peaceful full moon for you, Capricorn. Whatever you have been working through, you have a moment of respite and rest. Here’s a ritual for you: tonight, write down all of your successes and accomplishments, no matter how small or petty. Let yourself feel proud of yourself. The next cycle of growth is around the corner, but before we can grow, we need to heal. This is a time of integration for you, my dear Capricorn. Let yourself rest in your garden today so that you can begin again tomorrow. 


Aquarius Rising

Aquarius, babe, where are you shutting down, freezing out the world? Sometimes it’s important to withdraw, to pull back, to protect yourself. But other times, we withdraw in order to avoid the pain and risk of vulnerability. Telling the difference takes practice and honesty. On this full moon, think about how you are connected to the world - where are you giving too much and where can you afford to be more generous? The Emperor reminds you that you — all of you — are worthy. All parts of you are allowed to take up space. Keep reminding yourself of this - it takes practice.


Pisces Rising

Whatever path you are on, Pisces, make sure you keep going. It’s hard work, and it’s probably rubbing up against your sense of physical or material security. But take comfort that you are on the right track. So long as you live your life authentically, following your instinctive gut checks, and stay true to your values, you will be ok. Forgive the parts of you that are scared, that are lonely, or that try to take you off your path. You’re doing the best you can. 

Scorpio Full Moon Tarotscopes (May 18, 2019)

These are your full moon tarotscopes for the Scorpio Full Moon on May 18, 2019.

Read for your Rising, Sun and Moon signs. Each has medicine to offer. Take what works, and leave the rest.

Decks featured: Spolia Tarot, Fuzzy Prism Oracle.

Aries - Queen of Coins // Learn

This Full Moon occurs in your 8th house of house of sex, death, and other people’s money, and it’s a beautiful opportunity to get deep and intimate with these themes. The Taurus-Scorpio polarity explores the process that transforms life into death, death into life. It’s a polarity of the body: Taurus is about the creation of bodies, while Scorpio is about the composting of bodies . The Queen of Coins (Pentacles) invites you to explore the cycle in your own. What is being released and shed right now? What does your body want to teach you about pleasure, sex and taboo?

Learn more about the energy of this season. Book a reading.

Taurus - The Chariot // Pleasure

Your ruling planet, Venus, has just come home to Taurus, running smack dab into Uranus, which entered your first house back in March. It’s not easy having the planet of revolution enter your sign. Uranus is revolutionizing your identity, the way you present yourself to the world, and how other people view you. Venus is the planet of pleasure, relationships and the things/people we value. This Full Moon, Venus wants you to use pleasure as your guide as your identity undergoes a dramatic overhaul. The Chariot showing up on the Scorpio Full Moon invites you to step out of the confines of your old identity. Let go of what isn’t serving you. It’s time to step out of your chariot and walk.

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Gemini – 5 of Swords // Pause

This Full Moon is shining a spotlight on all the places you feel competitive, judgemental, and critical — especially about yourself. Maybe you’re feeling like you’re behind everyone else, you’re comparing yourself to your peers and coming up short. This Full Moon and transition into Gemini season is the perfect time to dive into these feelings. Stop, breathe and pause. Feel it the contraction: don’t shove it away, don’t distract yourself. Scorpio is a water sign; it is connected to intense feelings and emotions. This can be tough for logical Air signs like Gemini. You can’t escape the undertow today. You just have to let it take you down and spit you out. HAVE FUN!

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Cancer – 7 of Coins // Teach

Sometimes, growth is hard to see. Roots grow in darkness, growing deep and down long before we see any sign of flower and fruit. Sometimes, we don’t want to wait – we just want the thing to be here, now, ripe for the taking. This is true of anything: planting a garden, doing deep psychological healing, forming a new habit, a new relationship. Right now, things are growing, but it might not feel like it. This Moon reveals so much about what you have to offer the world in terms of creativity, passion and sharing your unique gifts. Write down what you’re working on, what you’re growing. On the next New Moon in Scorpio, look at this list and see how far you’ve come.

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Leo – 6 of Cups // Ask

Emotions are potent today, as the Full Moon highlights your home, family, ancestry, origins and legacy, and the 6 of Cups invites you dive head first into your feelings about it all. 6 of Cups isn’t all nostalgia and family. It’s about the exchange of emotions, the give and take with those around you, how you were nurtured and how you nurture others. What were you taught about love and family and your emotions? Where are you being called to question or interrogate these lessons? Exploring these themes can be triggering or resurface past traumas. Take care of yourself today, my darling Leo, and remember that you don’t need to spend a full moon revisiting old wounds. The opportunity is there if you want it, but re-watching Jane the Virgin is also a valid way to celebrate.

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6- Virgo.jpg

Virgo - Ace of Swords // Forgive

Virgo, you are no stranger to the power of words, but today’s Full Moon brings with it power potential to deepen your relationships and communication with the people in your life who feel like family. The Scorpio full moon brings you ideas, sparks and the gift of new ways of thinking and communication. Take the opportunity to release old resentments and to start fresh. In the words of Jessica Lanyadoo, forgiveness isn’t letting people off the hook - it’s taking the hook out of your own heart. Where can you release the hooks? Every day is the start of a new cycle. Ace of Swords is here to support you in creating a new way of thinking and relating to the world around you.

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Libra - 5 of Cups // Meditation

This weekend, your relationship to resources - your sense of security, your ability to gain, your sense of lack - has the potential to trigger an emotional response. Remember, Libra, we can’t control our emotional reactions to things. We can’t rationalize away tears (even though I know you’ll want to try). When these emotions rise up in you, pay attention to the central trigger at the heart of them. What is your relationship to things, stuff, material goods, valuable objects? This Full Moon, try not to focus on the things you don’t have, or the things you haven’t yet achieved. What are some parts of your life that you haven’t been appreciating? Send those parts some love, sweet Libra. You’ll feel better.  

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Scorpio - The Star, RX // Acceptance

Healing isn’t linear, my dear scorpion. This Full Moon is shining brightly on your identity, the self that you present to the world, the way people see you. For the past six months, the relationship between Self and Other has been an important theme, played out over the Taurus-Scorpio polarity. Who are you in relation to others? As you step into a new cycle of growth and release, of shedding old skins and taking on new identities, remember to fill your own cup up first. Accepting where you are in your process and cycle is one of the hardest things to do. Let this moon reveal the places inside you that need your attention, your love and your kindness.

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Sagittarius - The Devil // Embrace

The Devil is a frequently misunderstood card. Following Lindsay Mack’s teaching of it, I read the Devil as a sign that you are doing everything right. You are growing. You are healing. You are exploring your psyche and your past wounds and childhood trauma and you are making great progress. The Devil shows up because all of this progress is terrifying for our egos, and our old habits flare up so that we are forced to confront and move past them. This is never easy. Whatever the Full Moon brings up for you, remember that you are loved, you are supported. Fall into the embrace of the people who love you.

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Capricorn - The High Priestess RX // Through

Scorpio moons tend to inspire deep reflection and inner work. The night of and the days surrounding a Full Moons are a beautiful opportunity to get quiet, dive deep and work with your inner High Priestess. This card, ruled by the Moon, invites us into our own power as intuitive channels. Working with our inner High Priestess can be challenging, as the more we want it, the less available she feels. The trick is to let go of expectations and let her come to you. This energy has something to teach you about how to access your inner High Priestess, your own personal, unique way of accessing that deep, watery energy.

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Aquarius - 4 of Pentacles, RX // Discover

Your work, public roles and career is being highlighted this weekend, as is your relationship to resources and security. It could be related to money, it could be related to your home and sense of place, it could be related to your body, or it could be your thought patterns/narratives around all of the above. Whatever is being triggered for you right now, you’re being invited to take a step back and evaluate the situation. Where are you losing energy? Where are you doing work that isn’t fulfilling? Where do you feel drained? Where do you need to let go of control? This full moon is a beautiful time to journal and/or do spell work around these themes.

Learn more about the energy of this season. Book a reading.


Pisces - Queen of Cups, RX // Share

This Full Moon is highlighting your big ideas and grand philosophies. What message do you have to share with the world? What have you learned through your travels in the world, your higher education, your personal beliefs and philosophy? This would be a perfect time to share them with the world, whether it’s be doing some writing, painting or simply telling a story.  The Queen of Cups reversed can sometimes mean we’re struggling to get quiet or connect to ourselves. Use the story as an entry point to sharing yourself with those around you. Trust that whoever needs your medicine will find you.

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How I’ve integrated magic into my bullet journal

On Episode 21 of their podcast, Strange Magic, Sarah Faith Gottesdiener and Amanda Yates Garcia talk about the “best” way to cultivate your magic is to diligently dedicate time to it, every day, consistently.

For me, adding my spiritual/witchy/woowoo practices to the monthly habit tracker in my bullet journal is one of the ways that I commit to my practice. I firmly believe that to do lists are spells and writing down your goals helps make it happen. Working with a bullet journal has been incredibly therapeutic and helpful. The habit tracker has been a critical tool for me.

Here is the set up for my May habit tracker, a classic #bujo spread. What you’re seeing is the result of MUCH trial & error. I eventually found a basic set up that I like, and doesn’t take too long to do, and then I swap out the different habits depending on my needs.

Moon Sign & Phases

This is the first thing folks tell you to do, to live your life your life more magically. The mood changes signs every few days, and has the biggest influence on our mood and energy levels day to do (for example, I’m always exhausted during the dark moon/new moon period, and feel my best in the days after a full moon).

I have the moon sign & 4 lunations at the top (highlighted with grey). The Moon will often change times halfway through the day, so I’ve added > on days where it changes halfway through). I’ve experimented with bringing the signs halfway through the habit tracker, but it’s never quite stuck.

Movement & MOONRx

I have trackers for yoga and MOONRx, the astrology based fitness program created by Claire Gallagher (it is GREAT, btw). I also adapted one of Claire’s free lunar trackers to measure my Motivation, Performance and Work Out level.   


Tracking my water intake was the best thing I’ve ever done to increase drinking water, aside from getting a water bottle for my desk. My goal is 1.5L/day, and I almost never, ever reach it.

Spiritual Practices

This section is constantly evolving, but this month I have: tarot, ritual, other and journal. I use a slash to indicate a card of the day, and fill in the box when I’ve done a full reading (either for myself or someone else). Ritual indicates I’ve cast some kind of spell or otherwise done a ritual (mostly I do this on New and Full Moons). Other is a catch-all for other witchy things — these days it’s usually breathwork or reiki, but it could also be a course, reading a book, etc.

Tarot & Card of the Day

Along the side, I track my card of the day pulls. This month, I’m doing the #wildhearttarotchallenge, but most months I’ve include tarot cards, oracle cards, etc. Learn why I track my tarot pulls.


This is an on-again, off-again thing I track. At some point, I wanted to look back on my month and see if there were any trends about how I spent my time, what the emphasis or theme was that month. I’ve broken it up into things like "Work" "Family" "Friends". This month, I added “Body” and “Spirit” to the list.

Other things you could track

There are so many things! I’ve experimented with a bunch, but the above are some tried and true -- for me. You can also track what you haven’t done or want to quit: “No smoking, no sugar”, etc. Here are some things I’ve either tested or seen on Instagram:

  • Mood

  • Sleep

  • Vitamins

  • Steps

  • Chores

Reflection & Synthesis

Ideally, you take time at the end of the month to review and synthesize the information and draw conclusions about how the moon affects your mood, etc.  To be honest.... I don't usually have the energy. It’s something I’m working on — more reflection and integrated, instead of just bounding forward into the next month. It’s a process, ok?!

Tarot & Planning: How I track my tarot cards

Planning and bullet journaling has been a part of my practice since I discovered tarot. I started bullet journaling back in undergrad, before it was even called bullet journaling. I could never find a planner/agenda that I liked, so I started using Moleskin notebooks to create something for myself. Even then, the act of writing out my assignments and due dates and theatre rehearsals made me feel calmer. After I finished grad school, I started using bullet journaling beyond organizing my day to day — I started using habit trackers to encourage me to do activities I wanted (brushing my teeth, making my bed) and discourage me from doing others (drinking, etc).

To be honest, my bullet journaling is mostly a procrastination tool. I find it soothing to write out my to do list and upcoming events. It soothes me. I credit my Mercury in Libra for this — I think visually, and it needs to be pretty for me to feel calm and in control.

I started keeping track of my tarot card pulls in a systematic way in 2018. At first, I’d create a grid by hand and write out every. single. card. This is NOT a sustainable way to do it!!! So I created a super simple tarot grid that I could print out, tape into my notebook and keep track of every card I pull.

At the end of every month, I’ll go through my daily pulls and tarot spreads and make a note of what card I pulled. Then, I’ll look over the grid and look for patterns. For example, in March, most of the Major Arcana cards I pulled were from Line 3: BIG transformation happening. In April, most of the cards have been Wands and Cups (13 of each!). This tells me that I’ve been doing a lot of work around self-care, self-nourishment, my reflecting on my relationships, and dedicating myself to my craft.

I hope this free download serves you and helps deepen your relationship with the cards.

Do you want to keep track of your spreads?

April 19, 2019 - Full Moon in Libra

Full moon greetings! 

The Moon is at 29 degrees of Libra for the second full moon this month. It's unusual to get two full moons in the same sign, but not that uncommon (once in a...blue moon, if you will). 

Think about to April 5 (the New Moon in Aries) and March 20 (the last Full Moon in Libra) and you have been navigating the themes of self and other.Aries is the sign of "I am"—it bursts forth, it exists, it takes up space. Libra is the sign of "I relate"—Libra navigates the dynamics between individuals. What's changed in your relationships since the 20th of March? Where have you been challenged to take up more space and where have you need to be more compassionate and less self-centred? 

These tarotscopes were written for whoever needs to read them. Read for your Rising, Moon and Sun sign. Ritual suggestions and tarotscope are meant to inspire. Take what works, and leave the rest. 

1. aries.jpg

aries - 8 of cups & fox

Blazing your own trail is great and all, but at what cost? This is a time of emotional transformation and growth for you. You’re being presented with many different options and opportunities, and at some point you’re going to choose a direction. You’re going to choose your own path, regardless of what anyone else says (because, let’s face, you’re an Aries), and when you do, be mindful that you’re staying true to your integrity. Don’t lie about or hide what you’re doing, because that’s just going to cause more pain in the end. On this Full Moon, this full moon is growing your relationship with those around you. The Aries-Libra axis is the relationship to self and other. Reflect on how you are walking your own path, and how you are treating others along the way. 

2. taurus.jpg

taurus - 6 of cups & garden

This full moon, you have the opportunity to dive deep into your feelings and open up to those around you. 6 of Cups invites us into huge vulnerability and emotional exchange. It’s energy of emotional intimacy: both seeing another and being seen. Reciprocity is key in the 6 of Cups; on this full moon, you can reflect on the emotional exchanges in your life. Where you can you give more, go deeper? Celebrate the people in your life who fill you up, and who allow you to fill them up as well. It’s a give and take, and sometimes letting someone give to you is the biggest gift of all. 

3. gemini.jpg

gemini - 10 of pentacles & vessel 

This full moon invites you to reflect on where you have carved a space for yourself. What is the vessel that protects you? What is the shape of your life? These questions are informed by a sense of legacy and change. Are you living your life in a way that is aligned with your true talents and abilities? Are you creating things that make your heart sing? Is your work and daily life nourishing you? With the 10 of Pentacles, we’re stepping out of one cycle and into the next. What can your bring with you into the next part of your life that will serve you well? Fill up your cup. 

4. cancer.jpg

cancer - 10 of wands & star

Oh, Cancer, you have so many dreams. There are so many things you want to do, so many directions you could go. It’s hard to shoulder the burden of those wands, but remember: you don’t have to do it alone. This full moon is asking you to think about your foundations (home, core ideals, basic beliefs) and your public self (at work, with friends, online). The balance between the two is found by getting quiet and finding your truth, your north star. Trust your community and ask for the help you need. It’s ok to drop some of the wands so that you can move forward unencumbered. You’ll know which ones to drop. 

5. leo.jpg

leo - ace of pentacles & ice

Where are you not letting the ground thaw enough to plant? This full moon, think about where you need to protect and freeze, and where you can soften and invite in warmth. Sometimes we need to close down to protect ourselves. That’s ok—it’s a gift to go deep and down and get to know ourselves. But sometimes we need to open up, let in some light, and reach out to others. Sometimes, all it needs is a leap of faith (or sending a text) to reach out to someone and say, “I’m lonely, I miss you, let’s hang out.” You know where you are and what you need - trust that feeling and plant the seed where it wants to be planted. 

6. virgo.jpg

virgo - 3 of pentacles RX & forest 

This full moon invites you to go deep, Virgo. The Forest invites you to go deep into your core beliefs and personal narratives. It invites you to explore your hidden depths, get comfortable with being in the dark. The 3 of Pentacles reversed connects us to how we are living our soul’s purpose in the physical world. What are the stories you tell yourself about your worth and your labour? How are these stories helpful? In what ways are they limiting? 

7. libra.jpg

libra - page of wands & fish 

Whatever creative project you’re working on right now — go all in. Right now. Jump in with both feet. This is a moon for creativity and commitment. The Page of Wands is bringing powerful, grounded creativity. It’s a roaring fire, and it’s contained. It’s safe. The Fish wants you to go all in, right now. You are overflowing with creativity and this is an opportunity to let yourself go. Whatever your medium, tonight, just create

8. scorpio.jpg

scorpio - 10 of swords & window 

Go deep or go home, Scorpio (not that you need my permission for that). The 10 of Swords is a powerful moment to change your patterns and beliefs. Whatever has brought you here, it’s not working any more. Something needs to change. Luckily, the Window can help with that. We can peer through the window into the darkness of your unconscious, protected from what lurks within. The Window keeps you safe. From the Hollow Valley guide book: “use your past experiences to gain knowledge and power to move forward.” 

9. sag.jpg

sagittarius - queen of cups & dismemberment 

You are shedding the parts that aren’t serving you anymore. Don’t worry - nothing that falls off is something you needed. The Queen of Cups is here to makes sure of that. The Queen of Cups knows herself too well for that. She knows what is in her highest and best and what isn’t. So whatever is falling off you — whether it’s relationships that aren’t serving you, or a project that isn’t working out — trust that it is meant to go. This full moon, do a ritual to connect yourself to the Queen of Cups (and their cousin card, The High Priestess). Get really quiet and listen to your gut. That’s where you’ll find your answer. 

10. capricorn.jpg

capricorn - 9 of pentacles & spider/web

Where is your belief about your talent and work leading you astray? Where are you lying to yourself? Is there something in your life that makes you feel great, but isn’t good for you? Are you taking indulgence and luxury too far? Or are you full of shame about your desires for wealth, comfort and goods? Do you feel unworthy of receiving? This full moon, examine your relationship to money and the material realm—is there shame that needs to be addressed? Do you feel trapped by your need for things? 

11. aquarius.jpg

aquarius - 9 of cups & fire

Aquarius, you are nurturing a dream right now. A seed is growing inside of you, and you are being invited to let it grow, grow, grow. Fire is here to transform you, to unblock your creativity, to burn down whatever is in your way. The 9 of Cups lets us rest for a moment, as we come to grips with the enormity of the moment. Something is growing, something big, but formless. That’s ok. It doesn’t need a form yet. This full moon, devote yourself to this seed and get out of your own way. You don’t need to DO anything - just let it be. 

12. pisces.jpg

pisces - page of cups rx & crown 

Dream big, dear Pisces. You made it through Mercury retrograde in your sign! You’ve done so much inner work on your life and the direction you want to take, and now you can let it go a little bit. You’re being invited to play. To relax. To get in touch with your inner child and let it haves some fun. On this full moon, do whatever it takes to feel like you’re the king/queen of the castle. 

Ways to work with me

Tarot is, above all, a tool for self-reflection and offers a secure container to seek clarity, validation and guidance. Book a reading to get the big picture look at what’s going on with your right now, and get some clarity as you navigate changes in around your work, your identity, and your purpose.