April 19, 2019 - Full Moon in Libra

Full moon greetings! 

The Moon is at 29 degrees of Libra for the second full moon this month. It's unusual to get two full moons in the same sign, but not that uncommon (once in a...blue moon, if you will). 

Think about to April 5 (the New Moon in Aries) and March 20 (the last Full Moon in Libra) and you have been navigating the themes of self and other.Aries is the sign of "I am"—it bursts forth, it exists, it takes up space. Libra is the sign of "I relate"—Libra navigates the dynamics between individuals. What's changed in your relationships since the 20th of March? Where have you been challenged to take up more space and where have you need to be more compassionate and less self-centred? 

These tarotscopes were written for whoever needs to read them. Read for your Rising, Moon and Sun sign. Ritual suggestions and tarotscope are meant to inspire. Take what works, and leave the rest. 

1. aries.jpg

aries - 8 of cups & fox

Blazing your own trail is great and all, but at what cost? This is a time of emotional transformation and growth for you. You’re being presented with many different options and opportunities, and at some point you’re going to choose a direction. You’re going to choose your own path, regardless of what anyone else says (because, let’s face, you’re an Aries), and when you do, be mindful that you’re staying true to your integrity. Don’t lie about or hide what you’re doing, because that’s just going to cause more pain in the end. On this Full Moon, this full moon is growing your relationship with those around you. The Aries-Libra axis is the relationship to self and other. Reflect on how you are walking your own path, and how you are treating others along the way. 

2. taurus.jpg

taurus - 6 of cups & garden

This full moon, you have the opportunity to dive deep into your feelings and open up to those around you. 6 of Cups invites us into huge vulnerability and emotional exchange. It’s energy of emotional intimacy: both seeing another and being seen. Reciprocity is key in the 6 of Cups; on this full moon, you can reflect on the emotional exchanges in your life. Where you can you give more, go deeper? Celebrate the people in your life who fill you up, and who allow you to fill them up as well. It’s a give and take, and sometimes letting someone give to you is the biggest gift of all. 

3. gemini.jpg

gemini - 10 of pentacles & vessel 

This full moon invites you to reflect on where you have carved a space for yourself. What is the vessel that protects you? What is the shape of your life? These questions are informed by a sense of legacy and change. Are you living your life in a way that is aligned with your true talents and abilities? Are you creating things that make your heart sing? Is your work and daily life nourishing you? With the 10 of Pentacles, we’re stepping out of one cycle and into the next. What can your bring with you into the next part of your life that will serve you well? Fill up your cup. 

4. cancer.jpg

cancer - 10 of wands & star

Oh, Cancer, you have so many dreams. There are so many things you want to do, so many directions you could go. It’s hard to shoulder the burden of those wands, but remember: you don’t have to do it alone. This full moon is asking you to think about your foundations (home, core ideals, basic beliefs) and your public self (at work, with friends, online). The balance between the two is found by getting quiet and finding your truth, your north star. Trust your community and ask for the help you need. It’s ok to drop some of the wands so that you can move forward unencumbered. You’ll know which ones to drop. 

5. leo.jpg

leo - ace of pentacles & ice

Where are you not letting the ground thaw enough to plant? This full moon, think about where you need to protect and freeze, and where you can soften and invite in warmth. Sometimes we need to close down to protect ourselves. That’s ok—it’s a gift to go deep and down and get to know ourselves. But sometimes we need to open up, let in some light, and reach out to others. Sometimes, all it needs is a leap of faith (or sending a text) to reach out to someone and say, “I’m lonely, I miss you, let’s hang out.” You know where you are and what you need - trust that feeling and plant the seed where it wants to be planted. 

6. virgo.jpg

virgo - 3 of pentacles RX & forest 

This full moon invites you to go deep, Virgo. The Forest invites you to go deep into your core beliefs and personal narratives. It invites you to explore your hidden depths, get comfortable with being in the dark. The 3 of Pentacles reversed connects us to how we are living our soul’s purpose in the physical world. What are the stories you tell yourself about your worth and your labour? How are these stories helpful? In what ways are they limiting? 

7. libra.jpg

libra - page of wands & fish 

Whatever creative project you’re working on right now — go all in. Right now. Jump in with both feet. This is a moon for creativity and commitment. The Page of Wands is bringing powerful, grounded creativity. It’s a roaring fire, and it’s contained. It’s safe. The Fish wants you to go all in, right now. You are overflowing with creativity and this is an opportunity to let yourself go. Whatever your medium, tonight, just create

8. scorpio.jpg

scorpio - 10 of swords & window 

Go deep or go home, Scorpio (not that you need my permission for that). The 10 of Swords is a powerful moment to change your patterns and beliefs. Whatever has brought you here, it’s not working any more. Something needs to change. Luckily, the Window can help with that. We can peer through the window into the darkness of your unconscious, protected from what lurks within. The Window keeps you safe. From the Hollow Valley guide book: “use your past experiences to gain knowledge and power to move forward.” 

9. sag.jpg

sagittarius - queen of cups & dismemberment 

You are shedding the parts that aren’t serving you anymore. Don’t worry - nothing that falls off is something you needed. The Queen of Cups is here to makes sure of that. The Queen of Cups knows herself too well for that. She knows what is in her highest and best and what isn’t. So whatever is falling off you — whether it’s relationships that aren’t serving you, or a project that isn’t working out — trust that it is meant to go. This full moon, do a ritual to connect yourself to the Queen of Cups (and their cousin card, The High Priestess). Get really quiet and listen to your gut. That’s where you’ll find your answer. 

10. capricorn.jpg

capricorn - 9 of pentacles & spider/web

Where is your belief about your talent and work leading you astray? Where are you lying to yourself? Is there something in your life that makes you feel great, but isn’t good for you? Are you taking indulgence and luxury too far? Or are you full of shame about your desires for wealth, comfort and goods? Do you feel unworthy of receiving? This full moon, examine your relationship to money and the material realm—is there shame that needs to be addressed? Do you feel trapped by your need for things? 

11. aquarius.jpg

aquarius - 9 of cups & fire

Aquarius, you are nurturing a dream right now. A seed is growing inside of you, and you are being invited to let it grow, grow, grow. Fire is here to transform you, to unblock your creativity, to burn down whatever is in your way. The 9 of Cups lets us rest for a moment, as we come to grips with the enormity of the moment. Something is growing, something big, but formless. That’s ok. It doesn’t need a form yet. This full moon, devote yourself to this seed and get out of your own way. You don’t need to DO anything - just let it be. 

12. pisces.jpg

pisces - page of cups rx & crown 

Dream big, dear Pisces. You made it through Mercury retrograde in your sign! You’ve done so much inner work on your life and the direction you want to take, and now you can let it go a little bit. You’re being invited to play. To relax. To get in touch with your inner child and let it haves some fun. On this full moon, do whatever it takes to feel like you’re the king/queen of the castle. 

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