Nobody gets anywhere alone. I’d like to acknowledge the teachers, guides and healers who are working in this field whose courses I have taken, whose resources I’ve downloaded, and whose thought has been a big influence on mind.

Learning never ends - this section will continually be updated!



Lindsay Mack, Tarot for the Wild Soul (2018), From Fear to Medicine (2018), The Court Cards (2018).

Elise Entzenberger, The Reader’s Journey (2019), Amphora (2018)

Tessa Giberson, Intro to Folk Tarot (2018), Tarot for Personal Practice (2018), tarot zine (2018)

Claire Burgess, the Word Witch Podcast, workbooks and zines.



Charm Torres, monthly horoscope readings and natal chart reading

Chani Nicholas, new moon workshops & other courses (2016 - present)

Kathleen Callahan, Chiron course, natal reading & resources


Magic & Energy

Sarah Faith Gottesdiener, Moonbeaming (2018), Many Moons (2016 - 2018), Many Moons Planner (2019)

Eryn Johnson, Living Open podcast, zines and resources, embodiment podcasts

Last updated: February 2019