Sometimes it’s difficult to understand what is going on around you, especially when navigating a major life transition, such as a new job, evolution in your relationships, or healing your trauma. Feelings can feel like facts, and it’s hard to get perspective on your own life. That’s where tarot comes in.

Tarot is, above all, a tool for self-reflection. Tarot can offer the objectivity and clarity you need to make a decision, help you understand what is going on under the surface, and to discover what you’re actually feeling. Tarot offers a secure container to seek clarity, validation and guidance.


my offerings

I offer a variety of options for readings in different formats. If you don’t see something that works for you, feel free to contact me and we can work something out!


Why get a tarot reading?

You are navigating life changes or undergoing transformations and are seeking clarity and validation

You have a big decision to make and you need some support and guidance

You have a personal tarot practice and are looking for an outside voice/perspective

You are seeking a spiritual experience and yearning for meaning outside the boundaries of organized religion

Meridian Tarot completely exceeded my expectations. Davis's reading was deeply moving and accurately touched on what was going on in my life and how I could make a few simple adjustments to move forward. I was so impressed by the beautiful presentation, depth of analysis and her ability to access parts of me that were below the surface needing to be heard. I know I will look back on this reading knowing it played a positive role in my healing. Thank you!

- Sarah S