Tarotscope | Full Moon in Sagittarius

How to read tarotscopes:
Read for your Rising sign first, then your Sun and Moon sign. Trust that you will find whatever medicine you need. Take what works, and leave the rest.

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Aries Rising

This full moon is inviting you to let go of your attachments to how things “should” be. Let yourself see things from new perspectives. Believe the unbelievable, if only as a challenge to see if you can. This mutable fire energy is lighting up the part of yourself that has big ideas, explores belief systems, and learns new things. It might feel tough to feel like you have your feet on the ground with this energy. Don’t let the excitement push you around - you must protect yourself and your energy first. There are so many possibilities before you. You can either fight the current or see where it takes you. You be surprised with what you find. 

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Taurus Rising

Where are you grasping to make it fit, sweet Taurus? Where are you being pulled out of presence and into want? It’s ok to want things to be different than what they are, and it’s ok to mourn when we don’t get what we think we want. The full moon in Sagittarius is shining a light on what you are processing, releasing, learning from and integrating. Remember that there is so much bounty around you. Open yourself up to what wants to work with you. Look for the gifts right before your eyes. What gifts have you been ignoring? 


Gemini Rising

Where are you holding your breath, dear Gemini? Where are you clenching your jaw? Where is the tension living in your body? This full moon might feel confronting, as you navigate between your sense of self and those around you - your relationships, your friendships, your work life and colleagues. Within those relationships, where might you seek comfort? Let open to what feels safe. Where can you lower your defence and soak up the love of your chosen family? 


Cancer Rising

There are lessons to be learned from everything, Cancer. Even the stuff that feels really hard right now. When you’re feeling under-resourced, fed up, exhausted, running on empty, I invite you to look to nature for healing. A little gratitude, a little presence, a little self-care to love yourself through whatever contraction you’re experiencing. Crow reminds you that are resourceful and clever as you navigate your day-to-day life, work, health and habits. 


Leo Rising

This is a season of growth for you, Leo. You are shifting and changing as this full moon lights up your creativity, pleasure, romance and the arts. Maybe it feels like you’re out of control, on a wild ride, or maybe it feels like you’re in perfect balance. Whatever is happening to you, it’s huge and it has a fated quality to it, like something has fallen from the sky and landed in your lap. Let this full moon light up your joy — embrace the change, set things in motion, put yourself into the world. 


Virgo Rising

This full moon is lighting up your connection to ancestry, your past lives, and your karmic connection to the universe. This full moon, you’re being invited to take a leap and dive into connecting to those who have come before you. Whether it is your blood family, cultural connection, an artistic or educational legacy, or to the queer folks that have before you, everyone has some connection to a bigger lineage. Listen quietly, take a pause, get quiet. Your ancestors are speaking. Are you listening? 


Libra Rising

This full moon invites you to make space for healing, to apologize, to forgive, to let yourself off the hook for whatever has happened. This is a luscious full moon for you, Libra, and you can use this powerful energy to embrace your psyche, power, sexuality and magic. Don’t be afraid to share this with others, invite them into your world. Your gift is one of balancing and blending, and you have the ability to teach and bring others along for the ride. Let yourself lead by example, dearest Libra. Let yourself be a light. 


Scorpio Rising

Where is fear holding you back from truly dividing into your subconscious? This full moon shines a light on your ability to go deep and down. There is huge potential for deep psychological investigation, as your fixed water nature is inspired by the mutable, excitable, questing quality of Sagittarius. The Moon invites you to jump into the waves of your subconscious and go mucking about, see what you discover. But the fact is, growth is a s l o w process, and you’re not going to become a new person overnight. Take stock of where you are and whether it’s where you want to be. 


Sagittarius Rising

Happy full moon, Sag!!! Allow the brightness of the full moon to wash over you. Let it be a healing light as you think back to the New Moon in Sagittarius last December. What were you working through back then that has culminated in the months sense? How has your community and relationships changed? This moon is a beautiful chance to dream and journal — what nourishes you? What do you want more of in your life? What do you want to call in? Whether you cast spells or perform rituals, this is a beautiful day to connect with the moon and your lunar practice in a way that feels extra nourishing. 


Capricorn Rising

This is a lovely, supportive and peaceful full moon for you, Capricorn. Whatever you have been working through, you have a moment of respite and rest. Here’s a ritual for you: tonight, write down all of your successes and accomplishments, no matter how small or petty. Let yourself feel proud of yourself. The next cycle of growth is around the corner, but before we can grow, we need to heal. This is a time of integration for you, my dear Capricorn. Let yourself rest in your garden today so that you can begin again tomorrow. 


Aquarius Rising

Aquarius, babe, where are you shutting down, freezing out the world? Sometimes it’s important to withdraw, to pull back, to protect yourself. But other times, we withdraw in order to avoid the pain and risk of vulnerability. Telling the difference takes practice and honesty. On this full moon, think about how you are connected to the world - where are you giving too much and where can you afford to be more generous? The Emperor reminds you that you — all of you — are worthy. All parts of you are allowed to take up space. Keep reminding yourself of this - it takes practice.


Pisces Rising

Whatever path you are on, Pisces, make sure you keep going. It’s hard work, and it’s probably rubbing up against your sense of physical or material security. But take comfort that you are on the right track. So long as you live your life authentically, following your instinctive gut checks, and stay true to your values, you will be ok. Forgive the parts of you that are scared, that are lonely, or that try to take you off your path. You’re doing the best you can.