Tarot & Planning: How I track my tarot cards

Planning and bullet journaling has been a part of my practice since I discovered tarot. I started bullet journaling back in undergrad, before it was even called bullet journaling. I could never find a planner/agenda that I liked, so I started using Moleskin notebooks to create something for myself. Even then, the act of writing out my assignments and due dates and theatre rehearsals made me feel calmer. After I finished grad school, I started using bullet journaling beyond organizing my day to day — I started using habit trackers to encourage me to do activities I wanted (brushing my teeth, making my bed) and discourage me from doing others (drinking, etc).

To be honest, my bullet journaling is mostly a procrastination tool. I find it soothing to write out my to do list and upcoming events. It soothes me. I credit my Mercury in Libra for this — I think visually, and it needs to be pretty for me to feel calm and in control.

I started keeping track of my tarot card pulls in a systematic way in 2018. At first, I’d create a grid by hand and write out every. single. card. This is NOT a sustainable way to do it!!! So I created a super simple tarot grid that I could print out, tape into my notebook and keep track of every card I pull.

At the end of every month, I’ll go through my daily pulls and tarot spreads and make a note of what card I pulled. Then, I’ll look over the grid and look for patterns. For example, in March, most of the Major Arcana cards I pulled were from Line 3: BIG transformation happening. In April, most of the cards have been Wands and Cups (13 of each!). This tells me that I’ve been doing a lot of work around self-care, self-nourishment, my reflecting on my relationships, and dedicating myself to my craft.

I hope this free download serves you and helps deepen your relationship with the cards.

Do you want to keep track of your spreads?